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Minnesota Obesity Center

Advancements in Epidemiology and Intervention Core

The Epidemiology and Intervention Core has been very active, and much of this action is noted above in discussions of the Obesity Consortium, Obesity Prevention Center and TREC Center. 

Newly Funded Programs:

Highlights of the work of members of this core include several large newly funded programs:

Health Care Delivery Section

The Epidemiology & Intervention Core continues to provide support for the health care delivery section at HealthPartners Research Foundation, a large managed-care organization in Minnesota. The Health Care Delivery Section is intended to stimulate research on obesity-related issues in a real world health care delivery system. The collaboration provides access to large populations and support and consultation around technical areas such as health care economics, health system database design and management, and survey implementation. Work with HealthPartners has resulted in 8 new research grant applications in the past year. Notable among these has been the recent NIH/HealthPartners Prime support for Nancy Sherwood’s project called “NOVEL Approaches to Weight Loss Maintenance”. This research will evaluate the efficacy of an innovative approach to promoting weight maintenance among recent weight losers.

Advancements Made by Core Facilities:

Disordered Eating Assessment Core

Epidemiology and Intervention Core

Metabolic Studies Core

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Obesity Core

Advancements with MNOC Partnerships:

Obesity Consortium of Minnesota

Obesity Prevention Center

Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer Center