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Minnesota Obesity Center

Advancements with Obesity Consortium of Minnesota

The Minnesota Obesity Center has been a key in promoting the transformation of the approach to obesity science and education in Minnesota. The success and visibility of obesity science at Minnesota, led by members of the Minnesota ONRC, stimulated further obesity program development.

The Obesity Consortium of Minnesota is the new umbrella organization that encompasses combined programs from the Minnesota Obesity Center, the University of Minnesota Obesity Prevention Center and the University of Minnesota TREC (Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer Center).  In past reports we have described the Consortium founding, which began as an effort to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and foster cooperation in obesity research, education, and outreach efforts at the University of Minnesota. 

In this last year, the Consortium successfully carried out its first major collaborative project, the joint 2006 Pilot & Feasibility Program. This program involved bringing together the pilot funding sources and procedures from the three major funding entities in the consortium, agreeing on the combined procedures, and then soliciting and evaluating the pilot and feasibility applications.

The program sparked great interest in the Minnesota research community and resulted in 36 applications, 12 awards and a total of $613,213 (Direct Costs) in Pilot & Feasibility funds awarded over the next two years.  The combined effort produced broader publicity and generated a greater number of higher quality applications than had previously been achieved.

Advancements Made by Core Facilities:

Disordered Eating Assessment Core

Epidemiology and Intervention Core

Metabolic Studies Core

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Obesity Core

Advancements with MNOC Partnerships:

Obesity Consortium of Minnesota

Obesity Prevention Center

Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer Center