Epidemiology and Intervention Core

Director: Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, MPH, RD
Associate Director: Jennifer A. Linde, Ph.D.

Nutrition Facts

The overall goal of the Minnesota Nutrition and Obesity Research Center Epidemiology and Intervention Core is to enhance behavioral obesity research at the University of Minnesota by providing high quality services for epidemiologic and behavioral intervention studies to affiliated investigators. The Core provides a range of services that are especially valuable to new investigators and those with limited prior experience or limited resources for developing methodologies and expertise on their own, and has often provided resources needed by investigators to establish credibility in the field that has led to independent extramural funding. The Epidemiology and Intervention Core is organized into four subcores, each led by investigators with comprehensive and relevant experience in intervention and/or assessment: 1) Intervention Services, 2) Nutrition Assessment, 3) Healthcare Delivery, and 4) Data Collection. Activities within each of these subcores, and effective collaboration between the subcores, leads to the achievement of the following specific aims and objectives for the Epidemiology and Intervention Core:

Enhance obesity epidemiologic research, including assessment and measurement.

  • Provide guidance on selection and implementation of tools for epidemiologic assessment of behaviors and contexts associated with obesity.
  • Provide support for technologies to assist with measurement, including gold standard dietary assessment and nutrient analysis tools, and state-of-the-art software.
  • Advise on selection of measurement tools to capture dietary intake and physical activity behaviors during intervention.

Enhance obesity intervention research.

  • Provide guidance in development of intervention content and delivery modes for clinic and community settings, using university or local healthcare system resources.
  • Provide staff training and/or full staffing for behavioral interventions in clinical studies on a subcontract basis.
  • Provide access to patients, clinics, and health databases of a healthcare provider with a wide spectrum of medical services and a member population of approximately 800,000 in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area.
  • Support recruitment of subjects with obesity or other relevant conditions.