2008 Seminar Series

January 22

Deborah Clegg, PhD, of the Department of Psychiatry at University of Cincinnati presented a seminar entitled “Estrogen, the ‘Other’ Adiposity Signal.” This seminar was sponsored with the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

February 7

Jayne Fulkerson, PhD, of the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota, presented at seminar entitled "Childhood Obesity Prevention with Families via Mealtime" at the Eating Disorders Journal Club. This journal club is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Obesity Center and the Department of Psychiatry.

February 20

Christin Carter-Su, PhD, from the Diabetes Research and Training Center at University of Michigan, presented the 9th Goldberg Lecture in Signal Transduction and Metabolism. She spoke on Growth Hormone Signaling and Diabetes. The title of her presentation was "The Role of Tyrosine Kinase JAK2 in Actions of Growth Hormone." This event is sponsored by the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, the Minnesota Obesity Center and the Center for Diabetes Research.

April 26

The First International Symposium on Nocturnal Eating Disorders was held at the Radisson University Hotel, in Minneapolis Minnesota on April 26th, 2008. External speakers included:

  • Albert Stunkard, University of Pennsylvania “A Bio-behavioral model of Night Eating”
  • Allan Geliebter, Columbia University “Hunger, Cortisol, and Ghrelin in Night Eaters”
  • Kelly Allison, University of Pennsylvania “Comparing the Clinical Significance of the Different Typologies of NES”
  • Marci Gluck, NIH/NIDDK “The Effects of NE on Weight Change over 3 years”
  • Jennifer Lundgren, University of Missouri, “Night Eating in Eating Disorder Patients”
  • Piergiuseppe Vinai, Cognitive Psychotherapy School, Milano, Italy “Polysomnography of NES and SRED”

This symposium was sponsored by the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, the Minnesota Obesity Center, and the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center.

September 16

Charles J. Billington, MD, Associate Director of the Minnesota Obesity Center, presented a seminar entitled "Can people lose weight without surgery?” This seminar was sponsored with the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

September 25

James L. Kirkland, MD, PhD, of the Mayo Clinic, was the special guest speaker at the Fall SAR Symposium presented by Scientists in Aging Research. The meeting was a combination of the special guest presentation by Dr. Kirkland entitled "Does Aging Make Fat Go Mad?" followed by a Poster Session and Reception for Minnesota Scientists.

December 4 & 5

Johannes ('Hans') Brug, PhD, Director of the EMGO Institute for Trans and Extramural Health and Medical Research and professor of Epidemiology at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, recently visited faculty and staff of the Division of Epidemiology and Department of Food Science and Nutrition. Dr. Brug presented two seminars during his visit: 1) "Obesity prevention efforts in the Netherlands: Mass media education, worksite and school-based interventions", and 2) "Web-based computer-tailored nutrition education: Efficacious but not effective." These seminars were made possible with funding from the University of Minnesota Obesity Prevention Center, Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, Minnesota Obesity Center, and Healthy Foods, Health Lives Institute.