Neuroscience of Obesity

Research Focus: The neuroscience group has a primary focus on the brain mechanisms regulating energy balance, most notably the neuroregulation of feeding behavior, brain regulation of physical activity, glucose and metabolite sensing in the brain, potential neuro-inflammatory effects of fatty acids, and the role of neurogenesis in maintenance of all these functions.

Faculty page Email Department/Division Affiliation
Alessandro Bartolomucci, PhD Integrative Biology & Physiology UMN
Tiffany R. Beckman, MD, MPH Department of Medicine UMN
Charles J. Billington, MD Center for Diabetes Research VAMC
William S. (Stephen) Brimijoin, PhD Pharmacology Mayo Clinic
Tammy A. Butterick, PhD Minnesota Obesity Neuroscience Lab VA Medical Center
Marilyn E. Carroll, PhD Department of Neuroscience UMN
Carrie Haskell-Luevano, PhD Department of Medicinal Chemistry UMN
Catherine M. Kotz, PhD Food Science & Nutrition UMN
Nathan K. LeBrasseur, PhD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Mayo Clinic
Allen S. Levine, PhD Food Science & Nutrition UMN
Kelvin O. Lim, MD Department of Psychiatry UMN
A. David Redish, PhD Department of Neuroscience UMN
Elizabeth R. Seaquist, MD Department of Medicine UMN
Jennifer A. Teske, PhD Department of Food Science and Nutrition UMN
Mark J. Thomas, PhD Department of Neuroscience UMN
ChuanFeng Wang, MD, PhD Food Science & Nutrition UMN