Focus Group

The Center has established Focus Groups based on research interests that provide forums for junior scientists and trainees to participate in discussions with senior scientists to identify overlapping interests and pursue potential collaborative efforts.

Focus Group meetings have resulted in the generation of new research ideas, as well as the generation of ideas that have contributed to ongoing research efforts. Obesity Research Groups have formed across the Center, involving weekly research group meetings at which faculty, fellows, and students interested in obesity and related topics present and discuss their work.

One such group is sponsored by the Epidemiology and Intervention Core, while another has been organized among Obesity researchers at the VAMC.

Journal Club has been organized among researchers and clinicians throughout the Twin Cities focusing on eating disorders and disordered eating as it relates to obesity. This group of 15 to 20 individuals has met monthly for the past 30 months. Interactions resulting from these regular meetings have produced several collaborative studies. Additionally, a number of people who have been interested only in eating disorders are now planning studies in obesity, and vice versa.