MNOC Sponsored Retreats

Center-Wide Retreat

The Minnesota Obesity Center holds an annual center-wide retreat in the spring. In the past, the program has featured presentations by Pilot/Feasibility Award recipients on the findings of their Center-supported research. In recent years, we have adopted a program featuring round table discussions and have featured guests from outside institutions that have a focus on obesity research. This year’s retreat focused on Obesity in Adolescent Girls, with speakers from the Division of Epidemiology at the Mayo Clinic, as well as the UMN Division of Epidemiology. The National Center of Excellence in Women's Health co-sponsored the event, and was instrumental in organizing the program and moving to an on-line system for registration and poster submissions. The poster session, which included presentations invited from the research community at large, was well attended. This forum allows Center Participants extended time to interact and to communicate with other participants about shared research interests and potential collaborations. The retreat is a popular event and attendance has increased steadily over the 7 years it has been held.

Obesity Research Day

In the fall, the Minnesota Obesity Center sponsors a one-day program of current findings in obesity. The speakers are members of our External Scientific Advisory Committee and other nationally recognized obesity experts from both outside and within Minnesota. In recent years, the event has been extended to a second day to allow time for the External Scientific Advisory committee to conduct a site visit/review, in conjunction with Obesity Research Day. The event stimulates significant interest and is quite popular. It has helped to increase awareness of the Minnesota Obesity Center among the general public.