Notable Presentors

Kelly D. Brownell, PhD

Department of Psychology, Yale University, provided the keynote address for the Third Annual School of Public Health Roundtable "Meeting the Challenge of Obesity: Uniting Public Health Research, Practice and Policy." His talk was entitled "Reversing the Obesity epidemic: Courage in the Face of Crisis." Several Minnesota Obesity Center investigators participated as speakers, moderators and breakout session leaders. This event was co-sponsored by the Minnesota Obesity Center, along with other sponsors.

Arline D. Salbe, PhD

Research Nutritionist, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Clinical Diabetes and Nutrition Section, Phoenix, Arizona, presented two seminars during her visit, one entitled "Determinants of Obesity: Studies in Pima Indian Children and Adults," and the other entitled "Why do people eat what they do? Assessing food intake, eating behavior, and taste preferences as risk factors for obesity." As is typical when the MN Obesity Center brings in outside speakers, there was opportunity for Dr. Salbe to meet with several Center Participating Investigators and their trainees during her visit.

The investigators she met with were from several different departments, representing the variety of disciplines spanning the MN Obesity Center. Dr. Salbe's visit was co-sponsored by the Center for Diabetes Research as part of the City-wide Seminar Series, and by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.