Whole Grains & HEALTH: A Global Summit

The University and Department of Food Science & Nutrition hosted an international Whole Grains & Health Summit on May 18-20. More than 40 internationally renowned researchers presented the latest knowledge on the biological science, behavioral health, and technology of whole grains. Each day included interactive discussions, keynotes, panels, forums for the presentation of papers, poster sessions, and other opportunities to consider the future of whole grains research.

Prevention and Population Treatment of Obesity: A National Summit

This summit has been sponsored by the Mayo Clinic for the past two years to share ideas and solutions, as well as to discuss means of implementing possible approaches to obesity prevention and treatment. This summit occurred in May, 2004 and again in June, 2005, and the results have been presented in a publication (Smith, AM, Lopez-Jimenez, F, McMahon, MM, Thomas, RJ, Wellik, MA, Jensen, MD, Hensrud, DD. Action on Obesity: Report of a Mayo Clinic National Summit. Mayo Clin. Proc. 80(4):527-532, 2005). A comprehensive web-based nutrition program has been developed by Drs. Lanningham-Foster and Levine. This includes self-test modules and objective validation questionnaires. It is ready for exporting and is currently undergoing intramural testing.