Pilot and Feasibility Program

Director: Charles J. Billington, M.D.

The purpose of the Pilot and Feasibility Program is to provide seed money to attract new investigators, both young and established, into the field of nutrition and/or obesity. The intent of P/F moneys is to place investigators in a better position when they apply for NIH funding to conduct research in the field of nutrition/obesity. Selection of pilot and feasibility projects is made by the Review Committee, which is comprised of the Minnesota Obesity Center's Executive Committee and External Scientific Advisory Committee.

Interested investigators are asked to submit an application according to the instructions in the Call for Proposals. The number of funded applications depends on the amount of funding available. Funding for a given project is limited to 2 years.

Announcements of the P/F program will be made by:

  1. word of mouth dissemination through members of the MNOC in their respective colleges and departments
  2. publication of program announcements for dissemination to department chiefs not currently associated with the MNOC
  3. published program announcements to be placed on public bulletin boards throughout the campuses represented in the MNOC
  4. electronically published announcements to be disseminated via the campus mail system to likely departments