Advancements in Obesity Research

The presence of the Minnesota Obesity Center has stimulated many new projects and collaborations. Some have arisen through the efforts of our Core Directors, some through meetings of research cluster groups and others by individual efforts of Center investigators. Research advances made possible by the presence of the ONRC can be categorized as follows:

  1. focusing research interests of newer faculty on the direction of obesity
  2. redirecting research efforts of established faculty into the field of obesity
  3. initiating collaborative research between investigators introduced through Center activities
  4. opening new avenues for information dissemination which have created novel opportunities for learning and sharing research findings

Advancements Made by Core Facilities

Disordered Eating Assessment Core

Has made important contributions to our understanding of the treatment, course, and outcome of obesity and eating disorders. More...

Epidemiology and Intervention Core

Has been very active, and much of this action is noted above in discussions of the Obesity Consortium, Obesity Prevention Center and TREC Center. More...

Metabolic Studies Core

Has actively supported a number of high profile investigations and reports. More...

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Obesity Core

Has been assisting with the development of several basic research programs. More...