2010 Grant Award - Mary O. Hearst, Ph.D.

Assessing the Home Food Environment of Somali and Hispanic Immigrant Families with Preschool-aged Children

Mary O. Hearst, Ph.D.
Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota

The purpose of this project is to refine and validate an existing home food inventory tool for low-income Somali and Hispanic families with preschool-aged children as a means of both understanding contextual influences on obesity and determine the appropriate intervention strategies that may fit the needs of low-income immigrant households and communities. The study has three primary aims, including formative assessment and refinement of the home food inventory, recruitment of the validation sample, and testing concurrent criterion validity of the revised and translated home food inventory with low-income Somali and Hispanic families in their homes. Building off of a current collaboration, we will recruit families currently enrolled in an early childhood, school readiness project called “Five Hundred under Five.” We will use an existing, validated home food inventory and modify the content to be more culturally relevant based on focus group discussions. Thirty families (15 Somali, 15 Spanish speaking) will be recruited to independently complete the revised and translated home food inventory concurrently with a trained staff member to test criterion validity. The goal of this proposal is to produce a culturally-relevant and valid tool for assessing the home food environment that can be used in subsequent obesity prevention grant applications.